Evening schools in California

evening school in CaliforniaThere is such format of educating, as a school for adults – Adult High School in the USA. We have already mentioned about the American system of education in general in one of our blog (here). So, Adult School is intended for people, who didn`t finish school and don`t have a certificate GED (General Education Test, something like our exam, without which don`t have the normal job, in a college or university) for some reasons. In these schools, it is possible not only to study general subjects and prepare to pass the GED, and learn English. In some schools, there are also courses for driving a car, commuter courses, drawing, dancing, knitting and music. Studies are held in the evening, that comfortably for those who works in the day-time . In one of such schools, we decided to teach English (as adding to our basic educating). Interestingly, education is almost worthless, because financed by the state are a few ten of dollars for three months.  Continue reading “Evening schools in California”

University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

It`s very desirable to acquaint all with the real schools and universities of California. And to begin we want from a place we studied in, from a place that left the strongest and positive impression about the USA. We present University of California, Los Angeles or briefly UCLA. in 2012 UCLA occupied the 13th line in the world (on the version of times higher education world university rankings).
University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)
Founded in 1919, today this university is most popular in The USA: in 2012 the quantity of students wishing to study there made 72 699 persons, but only 13%% from them were accepted. in all in an university simultaneously more than 40 000 persons study and 15% from them foreigners. It is possible to choose the program and get education more than for to 300 most modern specialities in the university . This university has a wide set of the short programs of retraining (from a few months to year), and similarly first-class program of academic English.
All students study and practiced on the most perfect equipment accessible in the world, and among the professors of university 12 nobel laureates, 3 laureates of Pulitzer Prize, winner of Pritzker Prize, possessors of other prestige world rewards.
It is separately desirable to mention the campos of university : UCLA is located not far from the coast of pacific ocean, in western part of Los Angeles, between the districts of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Campos occupy simply fantastic in size territory. In fact it is a whole student city, with hundreds of educational building, bars, restaurants and shops. From above it reminds an enormous heart. Continue reading “University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)”

Burning Man and dust storms in Black Rock City

burning man in californiaI was on the Burning Man!
We loaded up our new recreational vehicle with food, clothing and other things and went on the night of Friday to Saturday. We came to the desert around 7 am and got into an incredible dust storm – in 2 steps can not see anything! For 4 hours we moving through the dust. We saw how one of plastic toilets was blown off by the wind.

dust storm in Black Rock City

On the entrance our tickets have been checked and our car have been inspected inside. After that we got early arrival wristbands and here we are in Black Rock City. On the way to the place of our camp, in the outer circle in the dust in front of us we saw 3 police cars with flashing lights. We saw one policeman with a dog and a lot of cops around the car with a trailer and doomed-looking woman was sitting in the dust around … Later, in the local newspaper, I read that Burning Man was a training camp for the police, sheriffs and rangers of Nevada. Continue reading “Burning Man and dust storms in Black Rock City”

California Legacy book series

Newly available from the California Legacy series:

Mark Twain’s San Francisco, edited with introduction by Bernard Taper. From earthquakes, police scandals, and tantalizing silver mine bonanzas to elegant ladies blowing their noses in “exquisitely modulated tones” and seals “writhing and squirming like exaggerated maggots” below the Cliff House, Mark Twain has left us a vision of San Francisco that is at once fascinating and hilariously familiar.

California Poetry From the Gold Rush to the Present, edited by Dana Gioia, Chryss Yost, and Jack Hicks. A recent San Francisco Chronicle review calls this volume “an instantly indispensible new anthology from the California Legacy Series.”

Imagine what we’d think of California if Toshio Mori had never written his gentle short stories about life in Oakland’s “Lil’ Yokohama”; if Walter Nordhoff had never hidden behind his alter-ego Senor Don Juan Obrigon to tell the tale of The Journey of the Flame; if Bayard Taylor had never transformed his gold rush journalism into the compelling chronicle Eldorado. It’s pretty easy to do, of course, since all of these essential works of Californiana have long been out of print. No wonder East Coast elites like Woody Allen think there’s no culture here. Continue reading “California Legacy book series”

Deserving works of California writing

The Squatter and the Don

The Squatter and the DonIn 1885, María Amparo Ruiz de Burton published The Squatter and the Don, a fictional but loosely autobiographical historical romance chronicling the tumultuous years in California as transitioned from Mexican control to American statehood.

Writing under the pseudonym “C. Loyal” for “loyal citizen,” Ruiz de Burton’s The Squatter and the Don is one of the first fictional narratives written and published in English from the perspective of the newly marginalized Californios. Continue reading “Deserving works of California writing”

Can’t Manage Your Property? Let Professionals Do It For You!

Managing your own rental property can be frustrating and time consuming. You may not have all the knowledge you need, or live out of town. Don’t try it on your own. Seek out the professionals. Seek out California Gold Realty Company. They have over 30 years’ experience managing property in the California area and will work hard for you. Visit their website to read testimonials of their clients and learn more about their services. Continue reading “Can’t Manage Your Property? Let Professionals Do It For You!”

Save your Bills with Ducted Heating Service in California

Energy efficiency is of vital importance these days. Rising costs of heating and cooling a home can hit hard. A natural approach that can be taken is ducted heating. Obtaining ducted heating service in California can make or break the chilly cold of a winter energy bill.

Gas ducted heating is divided into four energy efficiency ratings. The higher the rating, the more efficient is the unit. A gas ducted heating not only saves money on the monthly energy bills, but it also saves money in the long run because of less running costs. Continue reading “Save your Bills with Ducted Heating Service in California”

Massage on the Gold Coast

Nothing could be more relaxing than a massage. However, not all massages are created equal. When looking for a quality massage in Surfers Paradise you will find Touch of Aloha rated #1 out of 14 Spa in the area with excellent visitor reviews. Touch of Aloha has been providing quality massages for over 15 years and is located a short drive from Massage Surfers Paradise on Chevron Island. We truly care about each individual that walks through our doors and are committed to quality, health, and customer satisfaction. Continue reading “Massage on the Gold Coast”

Weight Loss Tips Pertaining To The Typical Individual

Are you searching to get rid of fat for you to improve your appearance, your health, or perhaps each? In case you are, you may be looking for guidance. The good news is that there are a number of tips which you can use that will help you efficiently shed weight and hopefully achieve your weight loss target.

On the subject of reducing your weight, a very important thing that you can do is eat healthy. Eating healthy consists of watching the foodstuffs that you eat, not really how much food you eat. Certainly, you might want to limit the amount of foods you eat, any time on a diet, but it is more essential to focus on the kinds of foods that you eat. As an illustration, if you take in fresh fruit instead of chips, you may have more fruit snacks with your meals than you would be able to if you were just to take in junk food. Continue reading “Weight Loss Tips Pertaining To The Typical Individual”