Product Mix of A Travel Agency

A travel agency decides about the services it would make available to the customers. Therefore product mix is a step ahead of product design. In product mix, services designed individually are clubbed together. A travel agency has to decide the length and breadth of the product mix. An example would make this clear. Suppose a travel agency is offering ticketing, travel documents and airport transfer service. This would be termed the length of its product mix. All these product lines have their breadth too. For instance the airport transfer could be provided only in luxury cars. An agency could add more product lines such as tour packages and hotel accommodation.

While extending services of a supplier, a travel agency should be cautious. It must not offer the services of those suppliers who provide bad services. This would bring bad name to them too. A travel agency must be flexible regarding its product mix. It has to take care of quality, brand etc. An agency has to change its policies according to government regulations and tax structure, political environment etc. Policies of principal suppliers also affect products/services of travel agencies. They also have to take decision on adding or dropping products. An agency has to be cautious regarding human resource development as quality services product cannot exist without good customer care. Continue reading “Product Mix of A Travel Agency”

Choosing an Electric Guitar – Comparing Prices

Regardless of whether electric guitar prices are high even for lesser models, this musical instrument can serve you for years if you take care of it properly. There are several options available when buying an electric guitar which commonly confuse buyers.

Following is a guide that will provide help in understanding the differences of electric guitars and lead you in making informed decisions.

To whom are you buying the electric guitar for? Continue reading “Choosing an Electric Guitar – Comparing Prices”

PHOTO Sharon Stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years younger

PHOTO Sharon stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years youngerActress Sharon stone (56 years), to be seen, last Wednesday, at the Waldorf Astoria in new York, in the company of a new loved Nick Matteo (38 years). Come together for a social event and were giugiulit at the sight of all the whole evening.

In the end they went all together, holding hands, to show clearly that they have a connection. Matteo was within two years of the groom Sofia Vergara (42 years), the most well-paid television actress, for the last three years. This would have left him for what he pursued will only be known to him. Evil tongues say that Nick Matteo will be the type-a materialist. Once lost it on Vergara, with a fortune of $ 85 million, he thanked and Sharon, even if it is on account of only $ 55 million, and it is much more old as he. Continue reading “PHOTO Sharon Stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years younger”


The astounding beauty of California has inspired many a naturalist to hike the backcountry trails of the golden state. But no one knew this outdoor world better than Scotsman John Muir, one of California’s preeminent nature writers.

John Muir spent years in the Sierra Nevada, climbing its peaks, exploring its valleys, and thrilling to the power of Nature. Here in “Earthquake Storms” is John Muir’s enthusiastic description of such power, as the Inyo Earthquake of 1872 reshapes the Yosemite Valley: Continue reading “Earthquake”

California Glaciers

Imagine the California landscape and you might conjure the crisp ocean waves, warm rays of sunlight, or statuesque forests of redwood. But what about our majestic Sierra glaciers?

John Muir penned some our best descriptions of California’s many mountains and valleys, and in this 1871 account, he describes the heart of a glacier near Yosemite Valley.

California Glaciers
“‘Spegelsalen’ in Trollheimen, Norway,” photographed by Richard Strimbeck, 2006.

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Lose Weight Fast Diets – How To Choose the Right One For You

The perfect lose weight fast diets are those that you’ll be able to keep doing week after week. There isn’t any level in weight-reduction plan for a few weeks after which going back to your regular eating habits and routines. You need to keep wholesome on a regular basis and it will make you are feeling an entire lot higher about yourself. Under are some ideas and things to remember when selecting a food regimen to help you drop extra pounds quickly. Continue reading “Lose Weight Fast Diets – How To Choose the Right One For You”

Are Your Emotions the Cause of Your Weight Gain

I have been working with clients using hypnosis, nlp and modern personnel development techniques for over 10 years. What i have found out during this time is that breaking the link between your emotions and food is the one way to guarantee you will never be overweight again.

The linking begins when people are very young, when after feeling an emotion that they find discomforting and not knowing what to do. They then eat food for the first time to try and distract themselves from the negative feeling, there is then more food and more feelings. After a few years of compounding the process has then become completely out of control. The person is overweight and the linking between their emotions and food has become so second nature that they do not even consciously realize they are doing it. In fact they then may even begin to eat food at just the thought that they may experience a negative feeling, no longer needing the feeling as a stimulus. Continue reading “Are Your Emotions the Cause of Your Weight Gain”

3 Quick Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

When you have a baby, your whole life changes. So, wouldn’t losing weight after pregnancy change too? I talk to so many new moms that can’t seem to get their weight back under control after they have a baby. Their frustration usually lies in the fact that they no longer have time to do what they used to to stay fit. An hour a day for cardio? 45 minutes to cook a healthy dinner? With the stress of being a new mom, simply getting by is hard enough. Is it possible to lose weight without putting in so much time? Here are three quick tips to get you losing weight after having a baby. Continue reading “3 Quick Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby”

Natural Weight Loss with Hypnosis: Is it really be that easy?

Weight loss is more intheway of thinking than in the body. While you adapt your mind to put in practice more exertion, weight lossis straightforward. All things you do is 80% Psychology and 20% Mechanics, meaning 80% is just helpingthemselves to commence eatingnutritional foods or accomplishing more physical activity and 20% is consuming healthy or doing the exercise. Continue reading “Natural Weight Loss with Hypnosis: Is it really be that easy?”