3 Quick Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

When you have a baby, your whole life changes. So, wouldn’t losing weight after pregnancy change too? I talk to so many new moms that can’t seem to get their weight back under control after they have a baby. Their frustration usually lies in the fact that they no longer have time to do what they used to to stay fit. An hour a day for cardio? 45 minutes to cook a healthy dinner? With the stress of being a new mom, simply getting by is hard enough. Is it possible to lose weight without putting in so much time? Here are three quick tips to get you losing weight after having a baby.

Tip #1

I know you don’t have an hour, but how about 15 minutes? That’s right, you can get the same benefits (actually much better, but that story is for a longer article) of cardio in three fifteen minute sessions per week. When done right, interval training targets fat as an energy source and is by far the fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy.

Tip #2

Eat more often, not less often. Whatever you do, don’t skip meals. You should be eating 4-6 small meals per day instead of one or two large ones. Two reasons for this. First, it keeps you from getting the cravings that come with hunger. Second, your metabolism speeds up if you eat more often, and a faster metabolism means more fat loss.

Tip #3

Build some muscle. I hear this crazy reason from almost all women who I talk to about building muscle – “But I don’t want to bulk up.” Unless you are eating way too much, you wouldn’t be able to bulk up even if you wanted to. By doing some strength training, you will build lean muscle. Why is this important? Because muscle burns calories 24 hours a day. Depending on the study, a pound of muscle burns between 3 and 25 times more calories than a pound of fat. So, the more lean muscle you build, the more fat you will burn.

Though you might not think it is possible now, but these three steps will start the weight loss. A little hard work and discipline and you will have your old body back in no time.

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