Burning Man and dust storms in Black Rock City

burning man in californiaI was on the Burning Man!
We loaded up our new recreational vehicle with food, clothing and other things and went on the night of Friday to Saturday. We came to the desert around 7 am and got into an incredible dust storm – in 2 steps can not see anything! For 4 hours we moving through the dust. We saw how one of plastic toilets was blown off by the wind.

dust storm in Black Rock City

On the entrance our tickets have been checked and our car have been inspected inside. After that we got early arrival wristbands and here we are in Black Rock City. On the way to the place of our camp, in the outer circle in the dust in front of us we saw 3 police cars with flashing lights. We saw one policeman with a dog and a lot of cops around the car with a trailer and doomed-looking woman was sitting in the dust around … Later, in the local newspaper, I read that Burning Man was a training camp for the police, sheriffs and rangers of Nevada.

our camp in the desert of California

The wind calmed down, and then resumed again. At that time came another big auto-house with people from New York. The wind had died down a little and we have started to build the camp.

camp building in Black Rock City

Guys made swings out of trampoline and metallic pyramid, the light, that set from above gave an amazing effect!



On Sunday another auto-house arrived with the nationals of the English queen. It`s a storm again! Plastic pipes didn`t withstand the wind and broke!

plastic pipes

I don`t want to be outside, when I can be inside and a fan works from a sunny battery). I understand that in the first time I had many more impressions, cause it was for the first time! In the second, then I set on our kitchen outside ( it`s nowhere anymore),turned to the road and many passers came to talk.

At last found a sculpture from Odesa “The Love” – it`s impresses! Splendidly done!

Odesa The Love

We reached till about the end of cavity and saw the chainlet of tracks of coyote, leading from one mountain to other.

Yet a lot of people came to our camp, but sandstorm strongly swept. So I sit inside and did not communicate with anyone. I’m tired and want to go home! When sandstorm subsided, I got out on our kitchen and a new American neighbor immediately came to me and at once declared that he grows marijuana in California. This neighbor started to demonstrate their knowledge of Japanese and French. All this things made me suspect that he is disguised as a policeman, but to talk with him was really interesting.

our camp

after sandstorm

I was told that they do not walk alone usually. I do not know?

People comes here to ride and jump on swings. It’s very funny and I can’t find the time to make a couple of photo. Several times swings was torn already.

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