The name of the series “Californication” (Californication), that the Russian language is also translated as “Playboy of California”, formed by the merger of words “California You» and «fornication» . In November 2007, the American group Red Hot Chili Peppers has sued on the TV series “Californication”. Musicians have accused the creators of the show of plagiarism words «Californication» – the so-called album, released in 1999. Lawyers channel Showtime Networks in response stated that the word was mentioned in the magazine “Time” in 1972, and in 1992 he used a Canadian band Rheostatics. Moreover, the word has not been registered Red Hot Chili Peppers as a trademark and, therefore, could be freely used on television. The judgment is still pending.

CalifornicationThe reaction of the critics on Californication was generally positive – the show has ranking 70 out of 100 critics from major US newspapers and 8.6 out of 10 from the users of the site (see the ratings and reviews in English). As we recall, the show Hank often responds poorly to the city of angels, and the Los Angeles critics responded to him in return, putting the series the worst evaluation.

CalifornicationActor David Duchovny (David Duchovny) for her performance received the prestigious Golden Globe 2007 series also nominated himself, but for unknown reasons, the award was not given. Golden Globe Award is awarded each year in January by a vote of about 90 international journalists who live in Hollywood. It is considered the third most popular premium cinema after Oscar and Grammy music. In autumn 2008, Peter Levi (Peter Levy) received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography For A Half-hour Series of camera work the first time the series first season.

CalifornicationThe premiere of the show in New Zealand sparked protests initiated by the conservative lobby group Family First (Family First). The group called on families to boycott any company that advertised during the show, which they described as “drugs, sex, and vomiting.” In the first series seriala eksperty Family First we find four detailed sex scene a scene of violence full nudity drug children bad words word (the word fuck 26 times) the scene where the main character has sex with a nun in the church a lot of other interesting things. In the second episode that they are no less attention watched, were found five sex scenes (author’s note -. Unfortunately, this is an exaggeration) bad words words (including word fuck 19 times) talk about anal sex and masturbation little girl, who calls his asshole father, and proud of the fact that it has a T-shirt with the inscription “Jesus is a cunt”.

CalifornicationThe minor girl, sexually touches the protagonist. Family First action was quite successful, many organizations no longer advertise on the show and allowed viewers to watch the show with shorter commercial breaks. But there were those who said that he sees no problem in Californication. We publish daredevils: Genesis Energy, Vodafone and NZ Police (Police of New Zealand). The Monteiths simply did not respond to a letter from the Family First.

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