Cosmetologia – For the Best Beauty Courses

Cosmetology simply means that it is the study and application of beauty treatments. It ranges from hairdressing and cosmetics, from massage therapies to manicures/pedicures. Cosmetology’s goal and aim is to focus on improving a person’s overall well-being, as well as maintaining a healthy body and healthy skin. You can find many cosmetologists in spas or beauty salons, many individuals wonder how these amazing and talented individuals got where they are at today. All of these individuals attended cosmetologia. Continue reading “Cosmetologia – For the Best Beauty Courses”

Guidelines for Buying Properties in Mexico

If you want to buy properties in any country, the process can give you a lot of stress. However, if the procedure is done correctly, investing in a property in Mexico can be as safe and secure as buying property in the US or Canada. Below are some tips to help you make a good investment in real estate in Mexico. We need to start with the agent who will represent you in the transactions; make sure that he is a real estate professional. Make sure that he is a member of the Mexican National Real Estate Association. The references that the real estate agent gives you should be checked out one by one. If everything is done then you can be sure that the person you have hired is experienced in Mexican transactions. It is best that the agent will only represent you, the buyer and not the seller also. If you want to be safe with an agent who also represents a seller then make sure that there is a contract, an agency disclosure agreement, which both parties are agreeable to and which for your own safety, you understand and agree to. Continue reading “Guidelines for Buying Properties in Mexico”


The astounding beauty of California has inspired many a naturalist to hike the backcountry trails of the golden state. But no one knew this outdoor world better than Scotsman John Muir, one of California’s preeminent nature writers.

John Muir spent years in the Sierra Nevada, climbing its peaks, exploring its valleys, and thrilling to the power of Nature. Here in “Earthquake Storms” is John Muir’s enthusiastic description of such power, as the Inyo Earthquake of 1872 reshapes the Yosemite Valley: Continue reading “Earthquake”

California Glaciers

Imagine the California landscape and you might conjure the crisp ocean waves, warm rays of sunlight, or statuesque forests of redwood. But what about our majestic Sierra glaciers?

John Muir penned some our best descriptions of California’s many mountains and valleys, and in this 1871 account, he describes the heart of a glacier near Yosemite Valley.

California Glaciers
“‘Spegelsalen’ in Trollheimen, Norway,” photographed by Richard Strimbeck, 2006.

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