Avoiding Divorce and Resolving Issues in a Christian Marriage

Everyone experiences conflicts in marriage and Christians are no exception. There is no reason to feel ashamed or overwhelmed because of the conflict. It is unavoidable and completely natural. Want you need to remember to do is deal with it in a healthy way. Here are some things that can be done to resolve conflict and avoid divorce in your Christian marriage: Pray any time you get the chance. Even though it seems obvious, when Christian couples become angered and frustrated, they really need to take the time to pray before they speak with the other person. This will allow you to center yourself and remind yourself that God is working on you and your relationship. It will remind you to work with God as well. Praying will allow you to find a calm and find proper answers for dealing with the issues you are having. Choose to return to the aisle. This is a great method. “Remember how you felt when you were happy,” is something most marriage counselors will advise you to do. I believe this should be taken a step further. Think back to the way you felt when you walked down the aisle. All of the excitement and positivity that was radiating from you. The excitement and positivity is still there, you just have to find it again. Try to stop keeping score and mend your wounds. Hit restart to get those great feelings back into your marriage. Continue reading “Avoiding Divorce and Resolving Issues in a Christian Marriage”

Why to hire family lawyer?

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