Evening schools in California

evening school in CaliforniaThere is such format of educating, as a school for adults – Adult High School in the USA. We have already mentioned about the American system of education in general in one of our blog (here). So, Adult School is intended for people, who didn`t finish school and don`t have a certificate GED (General Education Test, something like our exam, without which don`t have the normal job, in a college or university) for some reasons. In these schools, it is possible not only to study general subjects and prepare to pass the GED, and learn English. In some schools, there are also courses for driving a car, commuter courses, drawing, dancing, knitting and music. Studies are held in the evening, that comfortably for those who works in the day-time . In one of such schools, we decided to teach English (as adding to our basic educating). Interestingly, education is almost worthless, because financed by the state are a few ten of dollars for three months. 

Schools for adults in Los Angeles are situated on territory of ordinary school (High School). For example, one of such, is in the heart of Hollywood, not far from Walk of Fame. From territory of school the famous for the whole world sign of HOLLYWOOD is distinctly looked over.
High School
The school has its own Walk of Fame. The corridors are full of red stars with the names of famous people who studied here.
The school has its own Walk of Fame
In the class of English on the average 30 persons. All from different countries, but, unlike requiring payment schools of English, here students mainly from Latin America – Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala and Uruguay. But, there are single representatives of France, Iran and Saudi Arabia. In this class also there were 7 persons from Russia (because Western Hollywood this place of compact residence of Russian community).In the class
Books for a study English give out on lessons free of charge. We taught a language in four different requiring payment schools, but such books, as here, were not yet met. They seem specifically designed for migrants and highlight the most important aspects of life in America. Pay attention to illustration and signature to them. For example, how to find job and gain a foothold on her:Books for a study English
Middle salary in a week depending on education (why that it is not Masters Degree). Does stimulate, not true?
Middle salary in a week
What should I do if the Chief solicits?
What should I do if the Chief solicits
How to choose a car and not to make a mistake. Prices on cars, by the way, very real.
Prices on cars
Lessons are held from 6 to 9 pm with a 15 minute break. In a class of people of all ages – another difference from paid schools with mostly people under 30 years.
Special attention is given to the school janitor – a colorful personality. He looks about 60 . He has a very hoarse voice, dreadlocks and almost no teeth. When he walks down the hall, he hears the whole school. Firstly, because of the huge bunch of keys from each cabinet that hangs from his belt and rings with every movement. But most importantly he will always keep with a boom box, rap from cuts. In short to get out of it is not boring.
school janitor
territory of school
And it`s a not ordinary picture for Los Angeles. Vending automats on territory of school are literally reserved. Probably the students of High School don`t especially love when the bottle of water doesn`t fall in a tray, sticking on a road))
Vending automats
Unemployment in the USA now fell down though and, but however high enough – 7,6%. Without education, finding job is far difficult. Adult School is possibility for people that haven`t got school certificate, to do the first step.

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