California Glaciers

Imagine the California landscape and you might conjure the crisp ocean waves, warm rays of sunlight, or statuesque forests of redwood. But what about our majestic Sierra glaciers?

John Muir penned some our best descriptions of California’s many mountains and valleys, and in this 1871 account, he describes the heart of a glacier near Yosemite Valley.

California Glaciers
“‘Spegelsalen’ in Trollheimen, Norway,” photographed by Richard Strimbeck, 2006.

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Lose Weight Fast Diets – How To Choose the Right One For You

The perfect lose weight fast diets are those that you’ll be able to keep doing week after week. There isn’t any level in weight-reduction plan for a few weeks after which going back to your regular eating habits and routines. You need to keep wholesome on a regular basis and it will make you are feeling an entire lot higher about yourself. Under are some ideas and things to remember when selecting a food regimen to help you drop extra pounds quickly. Continue reading “Lose Weight Fast Diets – How To Choose the Right One For You”

Are Your Emotions the Cause of Your Weight Gain

I have been working with clients using hypnosis, nlp and modern personnel development techniques for over 10 years. What i have found out during this time is that breaking the link between your emotions and food is the one way to guarantee you will never be overweight again.

The linking begins when people are very young, when after feeling an emotion that they find discomforting and not knowing what to do. They then eat food for the first time to try and distract themselves from the negative feeling, there is then more food and more feelings. After a few years of compounding the process has then become completely out of control. The person is overweight and the linking between their emotions and food has become so second nature that they do not even consciously realize they are doing it. In fact they then may even begin to eat food at just the thought that they may experience a negative feeling, no longer needing the feeling as a stimulus. Continue reading “Are Your Emotions the Cause of Your Weight Gain”

3 Quick Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

When you have a baby, your whole life changes. So, wouldn’t losing weight after pregnancy change too? I talk to so many new moms that can’t seem to get their weight back under control after they have a baby. Their frustration usually lies in the fact that they no longer have time to do what they used to to stay fit. An hour a day for cardio? 45 minutes to cook a healthy dinner? With the stress of being a new mom, simply getting by is hard enough. Is it possible to lose weight without putting in so much time? Here are three quick tips to get you losing weight after having a baby. Continue reading “3 Quick Ways to Lose Weight After Having a Baby”

Natural Weight Loss with Hypnosis: Is it really be that easy?

Weight loss is more intheway of thinking than in the body. While you adapt your mind to put in practice more exertion, weight lossis straightforward. All things you do is 80% Psychology and 20% Mechanics, meaning 80% is just helpingthemselves to commence eatingnutritional foods or accomplishing more physical activity and 20% is consuming healthy or doing the exercise. Continue reading “Natural Weight Loss with Hypnosis: Is it really be that easy?”

4 Common Female hair loss Causes

his will enable you to treat the situation to revive your head with a thicker, healthier mane.


Our genetic make up can have a ton to do with how well our hair grows throughout our lifetime. Androgens can become present in the body at any point, slowing or perhaps halting the process of new, healthy hair. This cause for hair loss is typically found more in men, but can affect women also. The androgens are composed of three hormones, known as testosterone, androsteinedione, and dihydrotestosterone. As the androgens build up around the follicles, it can lead them to not work properly. This will lead directly to hair not being replaced as it does its ordinary routine of dying and falling out. Continue reading “4 Common Female hair loss Causes”

How to Get the Best out of Spa Packages Colorado is Offering

People who are stretching towards for health and wellness options may have spa packages Colorado is known for. Amidst the extraordinary natural sceneries around, it is easy to forget about all your worries and spend your day relaxing and feeling the comfort of being one with nature. There are various packages that you can choose from; but to make sure that the service is ready for use when you arrive in Colorado, it is recommended that you do your reservation in advance. The spa reservation could also be made when you book a room on their lodge. Bookings could be done through the phone or by filling out a Reservation Reserve Form on their site. Continue reading “How to Get the Best out of Spa Packages Colorado is Offering”

The Top Attractions at the Shakespeare Globe Theater

The William Shakespeare Globe Theater is a top destination for literary art experts, fine art lovers, and travelers from all over the world. The original Globe Theatre is located in London was built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s performing arts company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. The original theater was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1613. A second Globe Theatre was built on the same site by June 1614 but closed in 1642. A modern reconstruction of the Globe, named “Shakespeare’s Globe”, opened in 1997 approximately 230 meters from the site of the original theatre. The Globe Theater serves as an active theater and exhibition documenting the history of William Shakespeare and his works. Continue reading “The Top Attractions at the Shakespeare Globe Theater”

Benidorm holidays is the most suitable choice for an extended vacation or a brief one

Benidorm holidays are extremely popular throughout British winters as Benidorm is a Spanish costal city situated alongside the western Mediterranean which offers ample sunshine to the tourists. Few decades again Benidorm used to be a small village but owing to its booming tourism business, Bedinorm has grown to be one of the main tourist destinations in Spain and on this a part of Mediterranean. The continual move of vacationers from Britain and different parts of the world has modified the skyline of the city as it boasts of many skyscraper buildings, some of the greatest motels and to not forget the sunny beaches which attract the tourists. Benidorm which has an area of 38.5 square kilometers is without doubt one of the most essential vacation resorts in Spain over the last decade. Continue reading “Benidorm holidays is the most suitable choice for an extended vacation or a brief one”

Community Spotlight: Facility Opens in Barrie for Homeless Youth Fleeing Abuse

A new study by Ryerson University researchers in Toronto found that homeless teens who have fled violence in their homes may be motivated to have sex at an earlier age because they are seeking approval from their partners. They may also participate in risky sexual behaviours putting their health and lives at risk.

The findings were startling. The researchers found that nearly forty-two per cent of the homeless teens studied reported they were sexually abused as children. Sixty-two per cent of females said they were abused compared to just under twenty-seven per cent of males.

Fortunately, homeless youth in Barrie who are fleeing family violence will finally have a safe place to call home. Continue reading “Community Spotlight: Facility Opens in Barrie for Homeless Youth Fleeing Abuse”