PHOTO Sharon Stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years younger

PHOTO Sharon stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years youngerActress Sharon stone (56 years), to be seen, last Wednesday, at the Waldorf Astoria in new York, in the company of a new loved Nick Matteo (38 years). Come together for a social event and were giugiulit at the sight of all the whole evening.

In the end they went all together, holding hands, to show clearly that they have a connection. Matteo was within two years of the groom Sofia Vergara (42 years), the most well-paid television actress, for the last three years. This would have left him for what he pursued will only be known to him. Evil tongues say that Nick Matteo will be the type-a materialist. Once lost it on Vergara, with a fortune of $ 85 million, he thanked and Sharon, even if it is on account of only $ 55 million, and it is much more old as he.

The heroine of the movie “basic Instinct” suffered after he left last year another young man, Martin Mica, which brought in 2012 in Romania. She was married to Michael Greenburg, between 1984 and 1990, and Phil Bronstein, between 1998-2000, and has 3 children of foster, Ron (13 years), Laird (8 years) and Quinn (7 years).

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