The products in California USA

We are constantly asked about prices in California and volume, how many money a month needs to those, who wants to arrive to study to Los Angeles. We decided to do the series of posts about it and we will begin with the small recital of prices on foodstuffs.
So question: how many money needed a month, to buy a healthy, fresh meal, without preservatives, artificial dyes and ubiquitous High – fructose Corn Syrup?
Answer: $400 in a month on two.

Question: Are there the usual Russian meal and Russian foods in Los Angeles?
Answer: Certainly! Almost all, that we love with you, to what got used)

We walk in a shop after a meal one time per a week, and we spend exactly $100. Let us look, what we bought on these money at the last time:
The products in California USA
We will underline at once, that we do not eat meat and bird, therefore them you will not see here). One of us eats fish and eggs sometimes, other practically vegan. In general California this wonderful place for vegetarians, because almost any restaurant or cafe, not dependency upon the orientation of kitchen, has a vegetarian menu, and choice of vegetables, fruit and every groats enormous. In addition, the ideas of healthy way of life and careful attitude toward an environment do not cause for the habitants of California of surprise, and vice versa incredibly popular. In Los Angeles you will not see people with an ovenweight, America is so famous that, practically, but will see the great number of smart people that constantly where that hurry or engage in yoga. Los Angeles it is the capital of industry of entertainments, to conduct the unhealthy way of life and to look bad here not fashionably.

So, on a picture it is higher possible to find out the result of hike on a few shops, including the shop of Russian foods.

All of it treated: $96
Flour is 2,5 kg – $2,59
Rice of 1kg – $2, 79
Green pea. 2 jars. – $0, 79 х2
Kidney bean. 1 jar. – $0, 79
Rosemary. 1 package. – $1, 49
Paper towels. 1 roll. – $0, 96
Oranges. 1,5 kg – $3, 13
Mango 4 things. – $3, 96
Laurel sheet. 1 package. – $0, 79
Total: $18, 07
Shampoo Pantene Pro V. 1L. – $ 8.38
Mouthwash. 1L – $ 8,28
Total: $ 16.66
Milk. 2L. – $ 1.99
Orange juice (not from concentrate). 2L. – $ 2.99
Sauce for pasta with tomato basil. 1 bank. – $ 1.79
Bananas. 11 pieces. – $ 2.09
Sardines. 1 bank. – $ 1.29
Spaghetti Organic. – $ 1.29 (x2)
Mahi Mahi Fish (fillets). 400 gr. – $ 7.22
Parmesan cheese. 300 gr. – $ 4.48
Eggs. 12 pcs. – $ 1.79
Total: 26.22
Carrot. 1.3 kg. – $ 1.88
Guda cheese (smoked). 200 gr. – $ 2.71
Cucumbers. 2,2kg. – $ 4.33
Apples. 1.7 kg. – $ 4.96
Plums. 1 kg. – $ 1.29
Dill – $ 0.99
Waffles. 1 pack. – $ 3.19
Korzhik (2 pcs) – $ 1.39
Sour cream. 450 gr. – $ 3.29
Ciabatta bread. – $ 2.49 (x2)
Tomatoes. 1.7 kg. – $ 4.98
Cheese “Viola” – $ 2,52
Total: $ 35.73
TOTAL: $ 96.68
Here are 4 of the checks:
the checks

Of course, every week a set of products a little different, because it is over, and that on the contrary, no longer need to buy. In addition, sometimes there are seasonal offers: vegetables, fruits, beverages. It remains unchanged only the sum of: on the food, we spend $ 100 for two people per week. As a complement, we took some photos of the visited stores. Recall that in the US non-metric system. Therefore, prices are per 1 lb (450 g) or 1 piece (ea). To start a conventional supermarket:

Almost all of the local citrus, Californian origin.
local citrus

In fact as many vegetables.

Price on a yellow background for 6 packs. The cost of the package 1 at the top of the price tag.

Now we moved into the Russian store in Hollywood. It sells not only products from Russia, but also Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Armenian, Polish, Hungarian … well, you know))
Juices, waters. Birch, enjoy a 3-liter jar?
There is what is sold in any Russian store …
and even that is forbidden in Russia.
California grapefruit …
California grapefruit
and tangerines
Leave soulful Russian shop and transported in a very good supermarket. This juice is not from concentrate and Florida pressed from the oranges. Taste unreal !!! 2 liters cost only $ 3. Of course there are normal from concentrate juices as most are based in Moscow. It costs $ 1 per liter, but we do not buy it.
Melons from Latin America. $ 2 – a piece
Melons from Latin America
Rice, organic pasta …
Rice, organic pasta
… And the sauce to the pasta. Only $ 1.79
sauce to the pasta
Sardines and tuna in the bank
Sardines and tuna in the bank
The famous Russian vodka ))
Russian vodka
Bon appetit!!!

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