What to expect when you visit an osteopath

It is common to see the people who visit the GP to be treated the pain that affect the tendons, nerves, ligaments, muscles and bones. The osteopathy is a therapy where hands have to be used and it was devised in 19th century. It is a gentle way to relieve the pain and there is no need to use the medication or any invasive treatment such as surgery.

Even if the osteopath south melbourne is known to treat more the neck and back pain, he can help with other types of injuries like repetitive strain injuries, minor sports injuries, arthritis and work strain. The people who are over the age of 50 suffer the osteoarthritis within the spine and this is going to manifest like occasional acute spasms, aching and stiffness. An osteopath works to relieve such tension within the ligaments and muscles and it improves the mobile of a spine and this make the neck and back to feel better. The osteopathy is going to help with the aches and the pain which had been associated with the osteoporosis but it is not able to cure the problem itself.

When you go to see an osteopath for the first time, you are going to pass through a consultation that takes around 45 minutes to an hour. The first thing that an osteopath is going to be interested into is to know why you visited him. You should tell him about the medical condition that made you to see him and he will do physical examination. You may be asked to do some movements that will help an osteopath to observe which posture you have or your mobility. He is going to palpate gently the ligaments, tissues and joints to see if there is any imbalance or tenderness. When he finishes this, he is going to treat you through the use of many techniques. They include the massage, stretching and soft tissue stretching which are known as the muscle energy techniques. They help to reduce the spine with more joints, better manipulation of a spine and the reduction of the muscle spasms. The treatment may be gentle but at the same time firmer according to the needs of the patient.

When you visit the osteopath south melbourne, you are going to stay in your clothes but sometime you may asked to change into the shorts or vest top so that you can be examined or treated. After your treatment, an osteopath may ask you to do some exercises at home so that your muscle can continue to be supple and to prevent any pain from returning. He may also advise on the method of easing the pain, the right lifestyle habits with the right posture. If you have problems to go to a clinic, an osteopath may visit you in your home and this is going to be expensive. You may have to visit an osteopath on different occasion to solve your problems completely. A recent injury can be treated in few sessions but a chronic problem is going to take longer to be resolved. This may be from three or six sessions.

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