The legalization of marijuana in California for entertainment purposes

Legalization of marijuana – one of the biggest victories for the State of California – the most populous states of the country. In addition,now the recreational use of the drug is legalized in Massachusetts and Nevada. Now that marijuana can be freely used and sold on the territory of the west bank.

This step can serve as the impetus for the mitigation of the laws in other states and to create more pressure on the government, claiming that marijuana – a dangerous drug, addictive and having no medical use.

California became the first state has authorized the medical use of cannabis is still about 20 years ago. At that time, considered the legalization of other states, including Arizona was later abandoned the idea, and Maine, where the decision will be made this morning. Continue reading “The legalization of marijuana in California for entertainment purposes”

Advantages of Watching Anime and Cartoons

Online Cartoons and anime have something that attracts audiences. There are some people that prefer to watch anime and cartoons more than anything else. Finding the latest programs to watch has become easier with online options. There are websites that provide viewers with all kinds of selections for anime and cartoons. It is one of the benefits of online streaming. There are no limitations on the number of programs or episodes that are available. The result of this is that viewers have millions of options. Cartoons and anime come in different genres. The taste in programs will vary in different people. Some people like comedic programs while others like action better. Online sites provide cartoons that cover all the genres. People get to have choices in their favorite categories. The online platform caters to all types of tastes and preferences. It would be easier to find something that you like. Watching anime and cartoons online is also cheaper by far. You may have to pay for satellite TV or cable to watch your favorite cartoons. When it comes to watching programs online, you just have to get access to the internet. This saves you money and time. You also get to watch any program any time you want. There is no schedule that you have to work around. If you want to watch one particular cartoon the whole day, then you can do that without any problems. Continue reading “Advantages of Watching Anime and Cartoons”

Who is Ahmed Mohammed? And why should we care?

You have either been living in a bubble for the past couple of days, or too distracted with the Trump-Mania going on because those are the only two ways you have not heard about Ahmed Mohammed. Ahmed was a 14 year old high school freshman in Dallas, Texas, who built a homemade clock in order to impress his teachers. What happened next is what has everyone in shock, one of Ahmeds teachers suspected the homemade clock was actually a bomb and shortly after the police were called. The controversy that ensued sheds the light on a bigger issue here in America, and that is racial profiling. Now I know this isn’t a blog about racial issues, to be honest, we face enough of that in the news, but when it comes into the mix with technology it makes it a little hard to ignore. Continue reading “Who is Ahmed Mohammed? And why should we care?”

PHOTO Sharon Stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years younger

PHOTO Sharon stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years youngerActress Sharon stone (56 years), to be seen, last Wednesday, at the Waldorf Astoria in new York, in the company of a new loved Nick Matteo (38 years). Come together for a social event and were giugiulit at the sight of all the whole evening.

In the end they went all together, holding hands, to show clearly that they have a connection. Matteo was within two years of the groom Sofia Vergara (42 years), the most well-paid television actress, for the last three years. This would have left him for what he pursued will only be known to him. Evil tongues say that Nick Matteo will be the type-a materialist. Once lost it on Vergara, with a fortune of $ 85 million, he thanked and Sharon, even if it is on account of only $ 55 million, and it is much more old as he. Continue reading “PHOTO Sharon Stone and “pulled” a favorite on 18 years younger”

Community Spotlight: Facility Opens in Barrie for Homeless Youth Fleeing Abuse

A new study by Ryerson University researchers in Toronto found that homeless teens who have fled violence in their homes may be motivated to have sex at an earlier age because they are seeking approval from their partners. They may also participate in risky sexual behaviours putting their health and lives at risk.

The findings were startling. The researchers found that nearly forty-two per cent of the homeless teens studied reported they were sexually abused as children. Sixty-two per cent of females said they were abused compared to just under twenty-seven per cent of males.

Fortunately, homeless youth in Barrie who are fleeing family violence will finally have a safe place to call home. Continue reading “Community Spotlight: Facility Opens in Barrie for Homeless Youth Fleeing Abuse”